Dumco B.V. is a supplier to the shoe, leathergoods and furniture industries and to makers of orthopaedic footwear and to shoe repairers. We invest in innovative products and ambitious partnerships to ensure the best quality and service to our customers.

At every level of the company, every single Dumco employee is focussed on your requirements and on the development of new products. By maintaining this level of quality Dumco offers unique solutions to its customers’ needs and a dynamic environment for its employees.

Dumco has become one of the major suppliers to makers of orthopaedic footwear, because of the diversity of products from, and the extreme flexibility of, our own in-house manufacturing facility.

Flexible, innovative and leading the market from the front, with TOP brands and TOP products. We also have our own production facility offering a wide range of possibilities.

Fisher (a Dumco Group subsidiary since 2009), the leader in this market, develops, innovates and renews products for podiatry. Fisher delivers from stock by return.

Dumco delivers components from stock for bag and belt designers and manufacturers. We also offer a complete collection of leathers from our Italian partners.

We offer essential products such as sewing thread, leather and legs. The yarn is delivered from stock and the leather and legs from our Italian partners.

It all began ninety years ago! Today we supply insoles and counters from our own factory. Leather, buckles, elastic and soles all come from our reliable partners.

We supply the “Podocompact”: the roughing machine for all podiatrists, as well as other important equipment.

We deliver original soles, heels and insoles from Van Bommel, Avang and Van Lier to registered members of the Shoemakers Guild.

Geschiedenis Dumco

The company name Dumco was created 90 years ago from DUMoulin COntreforts, established by Jan Dumoulin (grandfather). Dumco served the footwear industry with high quality stiffeners, insoles and innersoles under this name.

With the changes in the footwear industry and the acquisition of Gebroeders Veltman in Sprang-Capelle, the activities within the company shifted and work continued under the name GVS.

GVS-Levenbach (Gebroeders Veltman – Levenbach and previous acquisitions of WEK, Stesa and Helvoirt de Nijs) created a robust corporate culture. This meant that not only the name became longer with every acquisition, but the product range also became steadily larger and the number of employees also increased rapidly.

However, research has revealed that the confusion about the company name increased due to these changes. And, because clear communication – both external and internal – is important, we studied – with the aid of BeforeTheHype – how we can best prepare for the future.

On 2 November 2009, the company name GVS-Levenbach was replaced by the new umbrella company name, Dumco. Four basic values form the solid foundation and the collective driving force:

  • Kwaliteit
  • Innovatie
  • Ambitie
  • Betrokkenheid