The company name Dumco was created 90 years ago from DUMoulin COntreforts, established by Jan Dumoulin (grandfather). Dumco served the footwear industry with high quality stiffeners, insoles and innersoles under this name.

With the changes in the footwear industry and the acquisition of Gebroeders Veltman in Sprang-Capelle, the activities within the company shifted and work continued under the name GVS.

GVS-Levenbach (Gebroeders Veltman – Levenbach and previous acquisitions of WEK, Stesa and Helvoirt de Nijs) created a robust corporate culture. This meant that not only the name became longer with every acquisition, but the product range also became steadily larger and the number of employees also increased rapidly.

However, research has revealed that the confusion about the company name increased due to these changes. And, because clear communication – both external and internal – is important, we studied – with the aid of BeforeTheHype – how we can best prepare for the future.

On 2 November 2009, the company name GVS-Levenbach was replaced by the new umbrella company name, Dumco. Four basic values form the solid foundation and the collective driving force:



  • Established in 1928 by Jan Dumoulin sr. and his brother, Frans. They were subsequently joined by Nico Dumoulin. Location: Grotestraat 383 in Waalwijk Brand name: GeDeHa
  • 1947: Construction of leather warehouse on the Nieuwstraat.
  • 1955: Son Frans joined the company and the decision was taken to expand with the production of pre-formed insoles.
  • 1956: Expansion of the site with the insole factory.
  • 1958/1959 : The company was joined by the sons of Jan – Christ and Max.
  • 1963: Major conversions at the Grotestraat and Nieuwstraat – offices from the Nieuwstraat to Grotestraat – large production hall.
  • 1973: The sons took over the Board – Jan Dumoulin sr. stayed as an advisor.
  • 1974: Acquisition of vulcanisation department Ploem & Smelt – production of foot supports and arch supports.
  • 1978: Celebration of 50th anniversary (24 February 1978) – Royal honour for Jan Dumoulin Sr, Cato Dumoulin and Jos Bruurmijn.
  • 1988: Acquisition of Gebrs.Veltman B.V. in Sprang-Capelle – wholesaler usually supplying articles for shoe repair and the footwear industry to smaller wholesalers.
  • 1990: Acquisition of Butofix Trading Company – Amsterdam
  • 1992: Acquisition of L.de Peffer Chemical products – became Dumco Chemie B.V.
  • 1993: Acquisition of haberdashery department of Helvoirt-de Nijs – merged into Gebrs.Veltman.
  • 1996: Dumco Waalwijk relocated to van Woensel site, next to Gebrs.Veltman.
  • 1999: Acquisition of de Jong’s Randenfabriek – became Dumco Randen B.V.
  • 1994: Acquisition of wholesaler function Moto Wychen.
  • 1994: Acquisition of wholesaler function Mister Minit Utrecht.
  • 1998: Christ Dumoulin left the Board and Jan Dumoulin Jr. joined the Board.
  • 1999: Max Dumoulin leaves the Board
  • 2001: Acquisition of the orthopaedics department WEK Kaatsheuvel.
  • 2003: Acquisition of Levenbach Kaatsheuvel – Gebrs.Veltman B.V. becomes GVS-Levenbach B.V.
  • 2009: GVS-Levenbach B.V becomes DUMCO B.V.
  • 2009: Purchase of half of the shares of the Fisher-Group B.V.
  • 2011: 100% acquisition of Fisher-Group B.V.
  • 2014: Purchase of van Woensel site and transfer of Dumco site from father Frans to son Jan.
  • 2015 : Opening of new Sprang-Capelle building, with warehouses for Dumco and Fisher.