Unique shoelace system. Shoelaces packed in handy boxes of 6 or 12 pairs. A spring system ensures that a pair of laces is always visible and can be accessed.

The laces are of extremely strong, almost indestructible German quality. Besides the standard laces (round in different thicknesses, flat in different widths), Barth also has a complete line of laces for walking and mountaineering shoes – flat, round and half-round. Appropriate for the brand of shoes being sold.

Dumco offers Barth laces at more than 400 stock positions. Dumco also offers solutions for the presentation of Barth laces.


Dumco house brand laces. This is an in-house development. Quality and availability are paramount. The laces are packaged in the classic blister packs. Eight different types of laces in a great many lengths and colours. The collection is regularly supplemented with new, fashionable colours.

More than 200 different positions available from stock.

PIMP veters

High quality, cotton, waxed laces developed especially for Dumco. The colours, lengths (75, 100 and 120cm) and versions (flat and round) are coordinated with the colours currently used for top quality men’s shoes. Supplemented with fun colours to ‘pimp’ your shoes, giving them a modern, contemporary look.


High quality standard insoles from Germany. A complete line: from sheepskin insoles to warm lamb’s wool insoles. The Tacco line is divided into 3 segments: summer soles, winter soles and leather insoles. The range is also supplemented with several seasonal products, such as gel and anti-slip heel grip products.

Every sole in the range has a specific effect and structure, whereby use is made of the best materials, such as cotton, carbon and sheepskin.

The packaging was recently refreshed by Tacco and now has a completely modern look!

Rogers (Poron)

Dumco is the exclusive representative of the American company Rogers and the Poron brand for the orthopaedics, podiatry and footwear sectors in the Benelux market.

The well known Rogers brand is Poron. Poron is a high quality PU (Poly Urethane). The most important property of Poron PU foam is the high quality. The foam returns to its original shape 99.9% for an extremely long time. Something that other materials, such as Latex and EVA cannot do.

Dumco supplies Poron in 3 qualities: the standard Medical grade, the Slow Memory and the new, shock-absorbing material XRD.


A unique joint venture between Dumco, Smw and the shoe manufacturers van Bommel and Van Lier in relation to supplying original shoe repair materials and advertising materials to the affiliated members. The goal is to have consumer’s shoes repaired with original products that are also used by the shoe manufacturers. This increases the life span of shoes and allows them to retain their original look.

Shoemakers who are affiliated to the Schoenmakersgilde must pass various tests in order to become or remain a member.


Internationally know insole line with anatomic footbeds. Ergonomically responsible insoles that support the foot and improve the quality of the shoes. Mysole has 3 segments: Mysole Sport (for the better sports shops), Mysole Work (for distributors of work shoes) and Mysole Daily (for shoe shops and shoe repairers).

There is also the Mysole Special line with additional soles and articles that can be used for every segment.

Every model of Mysole insoles is developed by Dumco in collaboration with leading podiatrists, podiatric therapists and orthopaedic shoemakers. This development produces insoles that meet all requirements in relation to comfort and foot support.

Mysole has developed its own website, where consumers can find the best solution for their foot problems by answering a number of simple questions.


A subsidiary of Dumco BV since 2009. Fisher was established in order to supply the target group of podiatrists who are starting their career with standard materials. Fisher is also outstanding at designing, developing and improving existing and new products and concepts. This has contributed to Fisher becoming the market leader in podiatry.

Fisher supplies a complete range of materials to podiatrists and podiatric therapists in the Netherlands and overseas – from ground sole patterns to milling blocks. From glue adhesive to 3D elements.

All meet the latest, stringent requirements stipulated by the sectors.

Fisher is the exclusive supplier of Namrol practical products for podiatric practices: from podoscopes to treatment units.


Rubber manufacturer in Italy. Available exclusively from Dumco since 2015. SVIG has undergone significant growth in recent years. Adjusting the quality appropriately for the West European market has increased exports, which meant that SVIG was obliged to relocate to a new site in 2015 in order to manage the production orders even more effectively. Concentrating on the European market has boosted quality and also prompted several changes in the collection. More modern models, up-to-date colours and contemporary design. However, the prices are still extremely competitive, and this has created a perfect price/quality ratio!

SVIG also recently launched a number of special products for shoemakers that make it even easier to execute difficult and time-consuming repairs quickly and attractively.


Saphir is produced in a neat and clean shoe factory in south west France. The company sells more products every year and exports to 40 countries around the world!

The most important feature of the Saphir line is the quality of the ingredients. This quality means that Saphir stands head and shoulders above its competitors in the middle/high segment.

Due to the production volumes, Saphir has succeeded in keeping its outstanding quality affordable, which means that Saphir is accessible for every quality-conscious footwear shop owner and shoe repair service.

Saphir produces a complete line of shoe maintenance products. From cleaning products to feeding crèmes. From water-repellent spray to patent leather protector.

Saphir also offers beautiful shoe trees and shoe polish boxes: a must for every man!!

Medaille D’or

The TOP in shoe maintenance, from France. The production takes place in the Saphir factory in south west France. The range includes all of the products required for the maintenance and care of the best and most beautiful shoes. Only the best natural ingredients are used in order to produce this top quality. Medaille d’or is supplied by the better shoe shops and repair services.

La Cordonnerie Anglaise

The crème de la crème of shoe maintenance products and accessories. For clients for whom the best is still not good enough! All products have a natural basis: the crèmes, the wood and the leather. La Cordonnerie Anglaise is also produced in the Saphir factory.

The collection is available at selected shoe shops in the top segment.


Tarrago became part of the Saphir group several years ago. Tarrago is produced in Spain. Tarrago is in the middle quality segment: value for money!

An extremely extensive collection of products gives consumers the opportunity to clean, feed, maintain and protect all types of shoes.

With special products for walking and mountaineering shoes, children’s’ shoes and shoes with a metallic or mother of pearl finish.

In short: a winner in the land of shoe maintenance!


Dasco recently became part of the Saphir group. Dasco is a traditional English company that specialised in high quality shoe trees made from Beech, but mostly Cedar wood. The shoe trees are produced in both standardised and personalised versions (with your own logo).

Dasco has a line of shoe maintenance products as a supplement to the shoe trees.